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Gender-Affirming Top Surgeryin Atlanta, GA

Our Differences Make Us Human

Gender-Affirming Top Surgery with Dr. Katherine B. Santosa

As society grows to be more understanding and accepting of all the people around us, gender-affirming procedures and treatments are beginning to rise. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Katherine B. Santosa supports the transgender community by offering Gender-Affirming Top Surgery. So many individuals who are transgender do not feel comfortable in their own skin, and that’s perfectly okay! Dr. Santosa wants to help you transition into self-love with her Gender Mastectomy and Gender Augmentation procedures. She strives to deliver the best Gender-Affirming Top Surgery Atlanta has to offer. She is located in Johns Creek, Georgia, and accepts patients from all over the country. Schedule your Gender-Affirming Top Surgery with her today.

Inclusion is Important

What is Gender-Affirming Top Surgery?

Gender-Affirming Top Surgery is a procedure in which the breast tissue is manipulated to better represent an individual’s identified gender. These procedures are most commonly done on people who identify as transgender or non-binary. For transmen looking to have their breasts removed, Dr. Santosa offers gender mastectomies, where the breast tissue is removed to create a more masculine appearance. For trans women who want to receive breasts, Dr. Santosa also offers gender augmentation, where the patient receives whole-breast implants for a more womanly figure.

Gender-Affirming Atlanta

A Caring, Compassionate Doctor

Gender-Affirming Top Surgery with Dr. Katherine B. Santosa

Sometimes, it is hard to find a caring, kind, compassionate doctor who is accepting of everyone. Dr. Katherine B. Santosa is here to end your search. Dr. Santosa makes it her mission to ensure every single one of her patients is taken care of properly and is satisfied with their results while maintaining their health and well-being. She is honest with you and will strive to help you bring your dreams to life.

A Procedure Tailored to You

What can Gender-Affirming Top Surgery do?

Gender-Affirming Top Surgery can help people feel like they are in their proper bodies and show how they feel inside the world. Patients can identify more aesthetically with their identified gender by providing or removing their breasts. Candidates for Gender-Affirming Top Surgery typically have gender dysmorphia, are in good health, and are adults who are done growing. You should not consider Gender-Affirming Top Surgery if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have underlying medical conditions. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Santosa to see if you are a good candidate today.

Looking Out For You

Gender-Affirming Top Surgery Consultation

Dr. Santosa strives to make each one of her patients feel comfortable and confident in their decisions. She will never pressure you into getting a procedure or make you feel less about changing your mind. She and her team are here for you. Schedule your consultation today to see if Dr. Santosa is the right doctor for you.

Look How You Feel

Gender-Affirming Atlanta

Gender Affirming Top Surgery Preparation

Four weeks prior to the procedure, our Atlanta Gender-Affirming Top Surgery patients will be advised to avoid smoking, drinking, anti-inflammatory drugs or herbs, and eating an unhealthy diet. If applicable, you should shave your chest the day before your procedure. Dr. Santosa will administer a general anesthetic that puts you into light sedation before numbing the areas where incisions will be made. Once numb and asleep, Dr. Santosa will begin making incisions for your Gender Mastectomy or Augmentation. During a Gender Mastectomy, the breast tissue will be removed and manipulated until it lays almost completely flat across the chest. During a Gender Augmentation, Dr. Santosa will use the incisions to slip a breast implant under the skin, creating a more womanly appearance. Once your desired complexion is achieved, Dr. Santosa will close your incisions, clean you up, and wake you.

Health Comes First

Gender-Affirming Top Surgery Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

The first twenty-four hours after your procedure should be spent resting with the top half of your body elevated. After the first day, you will be advised to walk around and get used to moving again with your new changes. This promotes healthy blood flow in the body for faster healing. Avoid smoking, drinking, caffeine, strenuous activity, and picking up anything over five pounds for at least three weeks after your procedure. Bruises and swelling will subside within two to three weeks. You will see full results after about six weeks. Results of Gender-Affirming Top Surgery are permanent.

Maintaining your Gender-Affirming Top Surgery results

Dr. Santosa will provide supplements for faster healing of bruises if necessary and will keep in touch with you throughout your entire experience, from consultation to recovery. Schedule your consultation today.

Gender-Affirming Top Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, scars are left behind in both kinds of Gender-Affirming Top Surgery. They will fade with time but will always be visible. Laser and other cosmetic treatments exist to help aid in the reduction of scar appearance.

Scarring, bleeding, blood clots, build-up of fluid beneath the skin, and minor nerve damage are all rare but possible risks of Top Surgery.

Gender-Affirming Top Surgery costs about $5,000 on average. Insurance may cover these procedures.. During your consultation, Dr. Santosa’s team can discuss payment, price, and financing with you.

Discuss your personalized treatment with Dr. Santosa today

Dr. Santosa delivers a well-rounded treatment experience through combined science, compassion, and experience. Begin your journey with trusted board-certified Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Katherine B. Santosa in Johns Creek or Sandy Springs, and rest assured that you have selected your best path to exquisite results.

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